Missing Mom

Mothers leave a legacy in the hearts of their children that can bless their lives forever. Remembering them - and missing them- can be a tender impetus to continue that legacy.

Children and Grief - Help them Remain Children

Children who lose a parent or loved one often tend to 'mature' overnight - to become serious, and wary of what life might serve up next. We can help them by helping them to continue to find joy in the things that children love, and not requiring them to 'grow up' too soon.

My Own Declaration of Independence

People can often be ruled by situations and ideas that are oppressive. We can each look into our lives and root out those things that create unhappiness, and choose to live in a way that brings joy and freedom from oppression.

Healing Happens

We do heal after tragedy, but sometimes it's difficult to see that happening. Only when we stop occasionally and look back do we realize how far we've come.

What Do You Have?

Often all we need to do to get started on something big is to determine what we have that we can use, right now, to begin - and then get going!


Life hands us all sorts of challenges we never expected. It takes honesty to look at each trial as a chance to learn and grow, rather than a reason to cower and complain.

Consistent Calmness

We can either react in the heat of emotion, or we can train ourselves to act in wisdom - calmly. The choice is ours, and it truly can be done!

It Ain't What You Don't Know

Mark Twain reminds us that what we don't know isn't so bad as what we think we DO know - that is false. If we are seeking happiness, and peace, we need to constantly learn more so we can be sure we are living in accordance with true principles.

Just Google It?

When faced with challenges, we can take the easy way out (like searching Google for the answers to a test) or we can do the hard work necessary to truly learn and grow. The choice is ours, and those choices determine our growth, our happiness, and our destiny.

Set A Goal Today!

Setting even a small goal can help turn discouragement and depression into hope and optimism.

Heavenly Fire

When discouragement encroaches, women can rely on God to fan the flames of a "heavenly fire" that is within them to help them overcome the challenges they face.

A Sacred Work

Seeing all we do as work for God can help us see each task as sanctifying and uplifting, and give us a more positive view of life's necessary work.

Crow's Feet

Seeing signs of aging and connecting them to life's experiences can be a chance to remember lessons learned and the good times we've had.

A Core Book

Core Books are books that strengthen our 'core' - the inner part of us where we draw from to make decisions and choices. Choose a core book - and your life can be better.


We will never stop having opportunities to learn as we face challenges and difficulties. We can let them crush us - or we can choose to find what there is to learn from them, and use them as stepping-stones to growth and confidence.
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